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Program Highlights

Insurers have done little to control the escalating cost of health insurance. To offset losses in fully insured profits, these companies grossly inflate the fixed cost and then share in any potential claim savings. The result is an ongoing escalation of health plan expenses for the employer and employees, which forces employers to reduce premiums through increased deductibles and erosion of benefits. The higher deductibles put access to healthcare out of the reach of many. 

Are you tired of escalating costs and erosion of benefits? NP Benefits offer the right solution. We believe that it is time to stop the cycle of excess profits and escalating costs generated by large insurance companies. 

Through our Level Funding and Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Plan options, we offer cost-effective level-funded health plans designed to make access to care accessible. Unlike fully insured plans, our Reference Based Pricing Plan operates as Federally qualified ERISA plans that eliminate premium bloating created by State Premium Taxes, State Mandated Benefits, ACA Minimum Loss Ratios, and cost-shifting associated with many Exchange Plans.

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How can this plan save you money?

Our program utilizes risk assessment and management tools to ensure the program is a good fit for the employer. These tools include:

  1. medical underwriting

  2. interactive clinical oversight and management for both medical and pharmacy benefits 

  3. reimbursement based on providers' cost of care or an aggressive, national PPO network.

The results are reductions as much as 20% when compared to traditional PPO plans.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum and maximum group size for the program?

The program is targeted at employers with 25-200 full-time employees. Employers with more than 200 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What are the participation requirements?

The program requires a minimum of 25 enrolled or 50% of eligible FTEs, not counting valid waivers, or whichever is greater. The program will not accept employers with less than 25 enrolled.

Can fully insured employers join the program?

Yes. We welcome all employers with 25 - 200 employees to request a quote.

Is there a carrier network?

Alternative Funding or Level-Funded health plans are combined with a national PPO carrier network. Some Referenced Based pricing plans offer a carrier network for office visits only and negotiate directly with your hospital of choice for other services. In either case, your employees will not be sent to collections and all eligible claims and covered services will always be settled behind the scenes without involving the employee.

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What does this plan offer?

• Four health plan options
• 4-tier composite rates
• Turnkey level-funded health plan structure
• Pooling risk of like-minded employers
• Accountable Care for both provider and      


• Pricing designed to remain level for 2-3 years

• Creation and management of    

  individual employer Benefit Trusts under IRC


• Risk Management and contracting/ oversight  

  of all service providers

• Reinsurance management
• Regulatory compliance and financial filings

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  • ERISA level-funded plan 

  • Guaranteed maximum cost (2 years)

  • Standardized Plan Designs

  • Pooling to leverage cost and services

  • Pooled reinsurance coverage

  • Referenced Based Reimbursement of claims (no PPO network) 

  • Pharmacy Management targeting provider and patient engagement 

  • 24 Hour access to physicians (telephone/web)

  • Patient advocacy

  • Employee/Patient financial incentives


Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about this plan.

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