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A health plan designed specifically for healthy individuals.

Download Benefits Summaries and Rates:


Affordable Health Plans

Guaranteed issue health insurance plans that are flexible, convenient and cost effective.

Guarantee issue: No health qualifying questions
No pre-existing condition exclusion provisions
NO DEDUCTIBLES: All plans have $0 deductible
Easy Enrollment platform that accepts credit card and ACH payment
A great solution to satisfy to satisfy any tax mandate!


Guaranteed issue, no medical questions to enroll

National Network, Multiplan PHCS


No deductibles

No Co-insurance

No age band-one rate nationwide

ACA compliant


This plan has a $0 deductible and is designed to help cover doctors’ visits, hospitalization, surgeries, and emergency room visits. 

  • ACA requirements for Minimal Value Plan

  • $0 deductible for individual and family

  • Primary care visit $25 copay & specialist visit $50 copay

  • Urgent care $50 copay

  • Labs and x- rays $50 copay

  • CT/MRI/MRA/PET scans $350 copay

  • Inpatient hospitalization & inpatient surgery $350 copay (max 5 days & 2 surgeries)

  • Outpatient hospital services for $350 copay (max 1)

  • Emergency room for $350 copay (max 1)

  • Treatment for chemical abuse for $250 inpatient or $25 outpatient (max 5 days)

  • Home health care for $25 copay (max 10 days)

  • Over 200 prescription drugs at no cost

  • Multiplan PHCS Network for practitioners and ancillary and RBP for facilities

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Doctor's Visit

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for the official list of Benefits Coverages, Limitations, and Exclusions. If plan comparison differs from the Schedule of Benefits, the Schedule of Benefits will govern. 

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